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About Our Team
Over the years we have been privileged to work with individuals and organizations of exceptional talent. We have collaborated with our affiliates on various projects. We know what they can do and we know that we work well together and as a team with our clients. Our affiliates also bring an independent challenging and enriching view which helps keep our work fresh and relevant.
The Results Group Principals
Charles St.John, President
Consultant, Custom Program Designer, Leadership Coach
Mr. St.John is an internationally experienced management coach and consultant on leadership and organizational effectiveness. He helps individuals, teams, and organizations reach and exceed their goals through the use of tailored leadership, teambuilding, and strategic planning programs.
Hilary St.John, Vice President
Master Organizer, Diagnostic Accounting, Computer Coach
Hilary joined The Results Group in 1987 and has been instrumental in growing and building the firm. Her particular talents are the ability to turn confused systems into simplicity and her skills in working with people. She is a master organizer who analyzes organizational systems and devises simpler, more cost-effective processes.
The Results Group Affiliates
Heidi Brinkman, Ph.D.
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