Core Workshop: The Effective Coach
In a Nutshell
Our The Effective Coach workshop is designed to substantially improve the coaching skills at all management levels from new project managers to sen ior management. This workshop is a must for anyone who creates results through others.
Core Philosophy
People are inherently good and they want to contribute.
People are doing the best they can with what they know, and are aware of, at any given moment.
People make mistakes, but most do not set out to make mis takes on purpose.
Most people's limiting beliefs about their capacities and capabilities keep them from accomplishing more than they do.
People support the changes and commitments that they create; not the ones forced on them.
Coaches can build strong trusting relationships by being open and honest in owning and disclosing their own thoughts and feelings while also considering the feelings of the coachee.
Instructional Style
This program is highly interactive and participatory. Attendees learn the concepts and then discuss and apply them in exercises.
Length of Program
The Effective Coach is a 1-day program.
Optimum Class Size
10 to 24 participants
Who Should Attend
Available for all Managers, Project leaders, Team Supervisors, and Program Managers. This workshop is perfect for anyone who is responsible for creating results through others and wants to learn how to become a more effective coach.
What You Will Learn
In this workshop you will build core coaching competencies by learning how to:
Understand the nature and purpose of effective coaching
Build your coaching proficiency
Increase your awareness and skill in helping others help themselves
Explore how coaching is both a mindset and a tool for sustaining lasting change in an organization
You will come away with your own personal coaching development plan
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