Core Workshop: The Effective Manager
In a Nutshell
Our The Effective Manager workshop will help you learn fundamentals of management - the proven basics of how to be an effective manager.
Why This Workshop
Managers are made not born. Many managers never receive any formal training in how to be an effective manager. All too often bright, successful employees are thrust into higher responsibility and are expected to automatically know how to be a manager. Somehow they are supposed to know how to lead, motivate and develop people as well - to know how to build a team and produce results out of collective effort. Most receive an "on the job crash course" and find a measure of success. Some are overwhelmed and fail.
This is a practical, clear and timely program that provides the basics of solid management philosophy and action. It is based on extensive research into both the best of traditional management practice and the latest in proven, new thought. The program lays down a foundation and builds practical action plans upon it. The very stuff that makes true managers so successful.
Participants will come away with a fresh outlook and command of specific concepts and tools that can be applied in their daily work. They will come away more skillfully equipped to meet their on-going work challenges.
Instructional Style
This program is highly interactive and participatory. Attendees learn the concepts and then discuss and apply them in exercises.
Length of Program
The Effective Manager is a 2-day program.
Optimum Class Size
10 to 24 participants
Who Should Attend
Ideal for new managers or for anyone looking for a refresher course on the foundations of effective management.
What You Will Learn
In this workshop you will build core management competencies by learning how to:
Master the fundamentals of successful management
Develop your own unique management style
Create participation and develop your team naturally
Create "buy-in" from your staff
Plan, organize and delegate more skillfully
Communicate better
Create your own personal action plan
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