Core Workshop: Mastering the New Leadership
In a Nutshell
Our Mastering the New Leadership workshop is designed to substantially improve the leadership and teambuilding skills at all management levels from project leads to experienced managers.
Workshop Overview
Today's rapidly changing business environment requires fewer managers and more leaders. As organizations are forced to become leaner, they need leaders who can inspire others to on- going success. And leadership is changing and evolving - it isn't what it used to be ten or twenty years ago. Mastering this new leadership is becoming critical to the future of our organizations. This program will build your leadership skills so you can better develop and motivate high performance teams. The art of leader ship can be learned. This workshop is designed for project leaders and managers who want to realize their full potential and improve their skills as leaders. This workshop can be an important catalyst for your professional development.
Why This Workshop
Leadership is no longer effective in the old "command and control" style. As the nature of the marketplace, technological advances, societal shifts and organizational changes have occurred over the past few decades, so has the nature of leadership changed. The new model requires leaders to be visionaries, better coaches, more developmental and skilled teambuilders. While this comes naturally to some people, most of us benefit from learning how to be more effective as leaders.
This workshop provides a solid base of development for managers who want to be better leaders no matter how large their "sphere of influence." For the organization, it provides a common lan guage and understanding of how to be successful as a leader. It provides a model of leadership behavior that others will emulate.
Instructional Style
This program is highly interactive and participatory. Attendees learn the concepts and then discuss and apply them in exercises.
Length of Program
Mastering the New Leadership is a 2-day program.
Optimum Class Size
10 to 24 participants
Who Should Attend
Available for all Managers, Project leaders, Team Supervisors, and Program Managers. This workshop is perfect for anyone who is ready to take the next step in their professional development and learn how to become a more effective leader.
What You Will Learn
In this workshop you will build core leadership competencies by learning how to:
Use the principles of new leadership effectively
Foster an environment for team or project success
Create a clear, shared sense of direction
Manage the process of change better
Motivate and empower yourself and others to succeed
Leverage your time better
Take action as a leader not just as a manager
Broaden and deepen your skills as a leader
Communicate better
Play a more pivotal role in your organization
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