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Charles St.John, President
Consultant, Custom Program Designer, Leadership Coach
Mr. St.John is an internationally experienced management coach and consultant on leadership and organizational effectiveness. He helps individuals, teams, and organizations reach and exceed their goals through the use of tailored leadership, teambuilding, and strategic planning programs. He has trained and coached thousands of managers and executives across North America and internationally. He is noted for his ability to bring leadership principles to life through stories and real-life examples.
Some of the highlights of Mr. St.John's career include:
He has conducted leadership and teambuilding workshops and coached management at Fortune 500 companies including Sun Microsystems, US West, TCI, Sprint, 3M, State Farm Insurance, Coors Brewing Co., Microsoft, and Roche-Bio.
In close collaboration with the client, he designed and conducted a multi-session program for the top 100 managers at Montgomery Watson Harza, a large international engineering consulting firm. He was invited to conduct this program in a five-day leadership intensive format in Singapore. The program was attended by business unit managers from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beijing.
For five years, Mr. St.John was one of two master facilitators conducting the University of Denver's, Daniels College of Business, flagship, four-month-long "Emerging Leaders Program" attended by promising executives from Fortune 500 companies. This program has been recognized by the International Society for Performance Improvement as the Top Award Winner.
He and Heidi Brinkman designed and led a custom leadership program for 35 Global Account Managers at Sun Microsystems. This program was very successful and received high praise for content value and effectiveness.
He has also designed and conducted leadership and strategic planning workshops for scientific and technical organizations that are connected with the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy such as Sandia National Laboratories, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Oakridge National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, as well as for several engineering consulting firms including Bechtel, and for oil industry executives at INTEVEP in Caracas,Venezuela.
Mr. St.John was affiliated with the Battelle Institute conducting management development programs nationally and internationally.
Partnered with Bernie Daina to lead a strategic planning retreat for Denver's Mayor Wellington Webb and his Cabinet. He also conducted programs for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Parks and Recreation.
Conducted a series of quarterly leadership development workshops for a part of the State of Washington educational system over a three year period and also designed and led an educators' retreat for 80 school administrators and principals.
Was a key member of a team that designed and facilitated a five-day leadership program for 450 managers from first line supervisors to the CEO over a two-year period for United Telephone of Ohio - a division of Sprint.
He is a certified Master Facilitator of "The Leadership Challenge" programs and is certified in the use of "EQi and EQ360" emotional intelligence instruments.
Mr. St.John uses his wide range of business and life experience in his training and consulting work. He is noted for his ability to take abstract concepts of leadership, teambuilding and organizational development and make them real and practical. Mr. St.John brings a strong background as a hands-on executive to his leadership and organizational development work.
Mr. St. John adds the following to his experience:
Has served as Director, advisory board member, or operating executive of several corporations.
Professional photographer with work published internationally in nine countries
Producer and Director of 16 one-hour TV shows
Climbed 19,3OO ft. Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked in a remote area of the Maasai lands of Tanzania
Member of the Bio-Bio River, Chile whitewater exploratory expedition
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