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RJ Graham, Ph.D.
Consultant, Educator, Coach
Dr. RJ Graham is president of Dynamic Transitions, Incorporated (DTI), a consulting company specializing in enhancing individual and interpersonal development and effectiveness. Her subject matter expertise includes leadership development, executive coaching, teamwork, organizational communication, human resource management functions, conflict management, change management, and stress management. With a work history in management for two Fortune 500 companies, she has a strong background to assist organizations with practical, effective strategies and techniques for business challenges. Her experience as an independent corporate facilitator extends over a decade.
Dr. Graham's specialty is in customized programs and consulting services that highlight an organization's particular needs and opportunities. Through use of an integrated, individualized approach, her programs are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of each organization. Program participants integrate and apply concepts to experiential activities and real work situations, putting theory into practice. RJ uses participants' knowledge and backgrounds to enhance their own learning on an individualized basis. On consulting issues, she utilizes the experiences and viewpoints of the employees involved to provide the most comprehensive, customized assessment for optimizing changes and transitions.
RJ has conducted organizational workshops, given presentations and seminars, and provided customized consultation services on a wide variety of topics within her areas of expertise. She has provided program design and facilitation for over 30 corporations.
RJ received a B.A. in Psychology from Dana College in Blair, Nebraska; an MBA from the University of Denver's Executive Program; and a PhD in psychology from the University of Denver. She is a licensed psychologist and credentialed neuropsychologist. Dr. Graham has been teaching courses in psychology and business for over a decade; she is currently a clinical/adjunct professor for the Daniels College of Business at DU.
Dr. Graham has co-authored articles and conference papers on teamwork and effective leadership behaviors. Her doctoral dissertation on self-managed teams, one of the earliest on the topic, has been utilized as a resource for subsequent articles on the subject.
In addition to her work in business, Dr. Graham is a member of a forensic psychology practice where she provides a variety of psychological services including neuropsychological evaluations and assessments for custody evaluations, sexual harassment suits, and wrongful termination suits.
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