"Great course - facilitator was excellent!"
"Very helpful in managing through all the changes going on."
"These workshops should be required for all U S WEST managers."
"This course will help me in my outside life as well as my company life in many ways. It was very beneficial for my professional growth."
"Reinforced my leadership style."
"I liked the personal interaction - the teaming."
"Great growth experience."
"I've been involved in the past with many different trainers, facilitators,teachers, etc...Charles is truly magic! He is flexible, makes the topics interesting, does not discount ideas, communicates effectively and knows his topic. He's a Leader!"
"I am extremely excited about utilizing my newly gained skills at work and in my personal life."
"Been a great experience rich in learning and presented in a manner that makes the program great fun. Very professional."
"Overall, content was excellent!! Very practical."
"Outstanding. Good mix of lecture and activity."
"Outstanding program."
"This program reinforced much of what I know but forget to do - thanks for the reminders."
"Got some new twists on old concepts."
"Excellent content. Good networking opportunity."
"Great stories. They bring the principles to life."
"Charles is a great listener and coach. He helped me figure out a tough problem I've been wrestling with."
"Thanks for helping us create a breakthrough in our off-site planning retreat."
"Great program - what else you got?"
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