Backed by over twenty years of original research with data from over 1 million leaders, The Leadership Challenge® is a comprehensive leadership development program created by bestselling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

Charles St. John is a Master Facilitator for The Leadership Challenge® and can tailor a program to fit your organization.
In addition, we offer several classic, core workshops that have been developed and tested over the years and have proven themselves to be effective. These 1 & 2 day programs are available, ready-to-go, or can be adjusted to meet your needs. They are often used by organizations that want solid content but don’t want to incur the extra expense of a custom-designed program.
This workshop is designed to substantially improve the leadership and teambuilding skills at all management levels from project leads to experienced managers.
Learn the fundamentals of management - the proven basics of how to be an effective manager.
This workshop is designed to substantially improve the coaching skills at all management levels from new project managers to sen ior management. This workshop is a must for anyone who creates results through others.
See what some of our workshop attendees have to say about their experience...
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